Famous Roulette Bets

Casino roulette has a history of some ridiculous bets, some great loses and triumphs, it is dubbed as the Holy Grail by those wishing to beat the casino, due to its incredibly high payout. The game has only been around for a little over 400years which makes it one of the youngest games that you will come across in a casino and casino roulette has one of the worst reputations for players accumulating large loses, especially the American or double zero version.

Darren Brown Takes on Casino Roulette

Darren Brown (the famous UK magician) had already beaten the casino in blackjack and filmed it, by counting cards however this time round he was to take on the roulette wheel in September 2009 for a TV show on the UK channel 4, after months of training on Browns part did bring him preposterously close to being able to pinpoint where the roulette ball will land by calculating its trajectory and speed, the training included calculating the speed of moving cars and calculating a squash balls trajectory. Although he did not succeed, he came incredibly close and although he lost £5000 of another man’s money, he did hit the number next to where the ball landed, not quite a win, but with that sort of accuracy you could make a killing in a casino. Of course this tactic would not be applicable in an online casino.

The Monte Carlo Casino Roulette Scam

Charles Wells did quite plainly cheat the roulette wheel however, the only problem is that nobody knows how he did it, he won 23 out of 30 spins and of course this is very impressive and could not be put down to luck, he was also a well known con artist so the likelihood is that he did utilise some sort of trick to win at casino roulette.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell was a London resident who sold all his possessions including his cloths and bet the lot on Red in Las Vegas, the event was filmed as part of a reality miniseries shown on sky one. This incredible story shows just exactly how fickle the game of roulette is, there’s never any guarantees, but with guts and a little luck you could be doubling your money from $135000 to $270000 just like Ashley Revell did.