Online Casino Winnings

There is a lot of money available to regular winners of online casino games. Blackjack, slots and roulette all have massive cash prizes available to players that are willing to take a risk. The range of winnings can vary massively but more often than not there will be a lucrative reward if a large bet is made. These winnings can be spent on anything your heart desires.

Card Game Winnings

Poker games are usually what would draw the attention of players as they think this is where the money can be made, but a regular blackjack player can make equally as much. The record win on a single blackjack hand is rumored to be in excess of $5,000,000. I think most people would be delighted with that amount of winnings; but a gambler would more than likely carry on playing blackjack in an urge to win more and more. In doing this they would eventually have more to spend than ever dreamt of. The obvious way to spend their blackjack winnings would be on cars, houses and holidays, in fact I’m sure they would take a trip to the Las Vegas strip and play a bit of the game they love, Blackjack.

Roulette Winnings

It is however the winnings one can achieve from the roulette wheel that capture most gamblers imagination, the roulette wheel is of course considered as the holy grail of gamblers, with many spending the best part of their lives trying to figure out how to beat it, a few have beaten it with genius scams and software’s, but no easy betting strategies exist, well not any that actually work anyway. One of the most famous roulette wins was Ashley Revell’s he doubled his $135,000 stake when he bet it all on red, he set up his own business with the money, yet it was not what he did with the money which makes his bet such a good story it was in fact the manner in which he raised the money for his roulette bet, he sold everything he owned (including his clothes) then the UK resident made his way out to America, sponsored by British television company Sky1 and risked everything he owned on one bet, fortunately he won, but what if he hadn’t? And would you ever have the bottle to make a bet like that on the roulette wheel?