Gambling Safety

We all know the dangers of gambling, and the importance of making sure that you gamble responsibly and any reputable casino will encourage you to do so. Whilst getting a little too drunk and spending your taxi fair home at the blackjack table isn’t great, nobody wants to walk home after losing , but it certainly isn’t what we mean by dangerous gambling, unless of course you’ve just remortgaged your house to go gambling to begin with. What we mean by dangerous gambling is borrowing to gamble, gambling to a level which puts a strain on your ability to pay bills and such, it is not simply, not being able to afford that extra pint you wanted, but now can’t have because you’ve spent the money in the pubs slots.

How to gamble safely

Make sure that you can afford to lose what you’re gambling, this is of course paramount, if you can’t afford to gamble, but still want to play there are plenty of free versions of classics like online blackjack and online slots. Make sure that you have the clear intention of gambling for fun, you should not be gambling under the heavy influence of alcohol and if you are planning on drinking prior to gambling, leave your credit cards at home and only take out cash which you can afford to spend, this is of course good advice regardless of if you’re drinking or not. If you do have a problem most casinos will offer a self exclusion service where they will ban you for a period of time that you have requested. There are many ways to tell if you have a gambling problem and only you will know the answer to that.

Unscrupulous Online Casinos

Many of you will want to know whether you can trust online casinos with your credit and debit details well the answer 99% of the time is yes, as with anything online there are rogues and it is a good idea to check in the forums, who is and who is not safe, the casinos which are fine will probably not have a mention however those who are known for rigging online slots or stealing from customers will be named and shamed across the board. The main thing that you should watch out for is misrepresented odds particularly with online slots.