Slot Rules

One of the reasons that online slots are so popular is that they are so overwhelmingly simple to play, and also, to understand. There is not a great deal to the rules that you must know to play slots, there are a few minor frowned upon concerns that people have in the land based casinos, such as the ever unpopular “lurkers” or “sharks”, the people who wait for a player to leave a machine which has taken a lot of money in the hope that it will be closer to paying out, whilst with the more modern machines which are more random this does not work the practice is still common and unpopular. However this is more of an etiquette issue and is only not allowed in certain casinos.

Different payout rules

Different countries have different laws regarding minimum slot payouts and in some countries it is simply whatever you can get away with, which is not exactly popular. You should make sure that you are aware of this before you start to play slots. For example Nevada is 75% so Vegas isn’t exactly great value for money gambling experience, and the UK depends on how big the potential payout is. Online slots and their minimum payouts work slightly differently, but you will find that in most cases you will get a better deal than in the land based counterparts as there are fewer overheads to pay in an online business.

Online Slots Features

Features are the main attraction of online slots much like their land based counterparts, their rules do of course vary consistently, this is of course a common problem when you 1st play a new machine as often you have no idea the manner in which the feature works or what the rules for how that slot machines feature works.

You’ve failed the feature

There is one important thing to know about the way slots work, and that is that they are not designed to pay out after they’ve taken so much money, they are designed to give you the opportunity to win after so many spins, so if you fail to win from nudges or a feature for example, it will not be any more likely to pay out than if you had won the feature, this is something that many slot players are not aware of, and it is a fallacy many casinos are more than happy to promote as it means that you will lose more in their slots, whether they be land based or online slots this rule does not vary, well at least as far as any expert is aware.