Blackjack For Beginners

When it comes to learning any casino card game such as blackjack a great way to practice is by playing for free, and of course the best way to do this is to play blackjack online. Playing for free is great to practice but, it’s also a good idea to research a few strategies and of course the rules before you begin, or you simply wind up confused and not enjoying the experience.

How to play blackjack

The object of blackjack is to have a hand which adds up to more than the dealers hand without going over 21, this is a fairly simple concept and shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone to grasp. However there are a few extra rules to make things slightly more interesting, a natural blackjack is the best hand that you can have, a natural blackjack being a face card and an ace received at the start. This will always beat a hand of 21 which has more cards in it. Online blackjack is the best way to get used to all of the more obscure rules. Such as “surrender” this allows the player to fold his hand and only lose half of his bet, although this rule is subject to the casino you’re playing and is not used everywhere.

Aces in blackjack

Aces in blackjack can be high or low for the player, (they can have a value of either 1 or 11) however for the dealer they are always considered high. A hand which adds up to 21 containing an ace which only has a value of 1 so as to prevent the player from going bust is referred to as a “hard hand”. Aces can be split like all cards when a player is dealt two cards with the same value, however many variations come into play when this is done depending on the casino you’re playing at. For example, upon splitting aces certain casinos will only allow you one card after having split your aces and they will not allow you to re-split aces assuming you draw another ace. These last two rules vary from place to place. Online blackjack of course give the player great scope to find a casino which plays the style which he prefers.

Blackjack Dealer Strategy

A casino will normally require that their dealer twist for any total less than 16 and stick with 17 or higher, of course this follows on through to online blackjack, this is the basic dealer strategy and it does for the most part work. Statistically tests have shown this to be the best basic strategy. The other thing you need to know about dealers is there are several dealer rules which vary from place to place, for example a dealer will not always have to show you one of his dealt cards (which could greatly affect your strategy) and also the dealer may win ties or in the case of a tied hand the bet may be returned.