Roulette Tips

Should online roulette and land roulette tips be different?

The most important roulette tips apply both to online roulette and land roulette, whilst some people suggest that in land casinos there are tricks to guessing where the ball will land, but if you have a brain capable of calculating the landing place of the ball then you really don’t need to be reading this and should probably be working for NASA. Thus, with the only difference between online roulette and its land based counterpart being your ability to see the ball in motion then certainly there should be no difference in your offline and online roulette strategy.

Play roulette the smart way

The first and most important tip anyone can give to a roulette player is to bet smart, when you decide to play roulette, make sure that you play European roulette as it lowers the house edge and don’t bet large amounts on single number bets, there is a reason why these bets pay out 35 to 1 and that’s because the odds of you winning are marginal at best. Sticking with the even money bets, at least to begin with, is by far the smartest way to play.

Know when to cash out of a roulette game

The second major tip for roulette is that if and when you double your money, withdraw the amount you started with, that way no matter what happens you can’t lose, this of course will serve you well in any game of chance, but particularly when you play roulette. It may sound very simple, but you would be amazed by the amount of players who do not abide to this basic rule.

You must remember that roulette is a game of chance, there is no definitive system to guaranteed earnings and anybody who tells you such is either a cheat, or a liar. Roulette is the most truly random game in a casino and should be viewed as such, do not think that if you keep betting on the same number the odds are that it will eventually come up, for each spin the odds are the same regardless of what the number was the last time round. It may sound condescending to explain this, but many players assume that just because their number hasn’t come up yet it will do soon, this is not the case and many players lose great deals of money thinking along these lines when they play online roulette.

The final piece of information that you need before you start to play roulette online is that you should research any casino you intend to play at before you start to play, you would not want some unscrupulous casino owners to rob you blind would you?