Blackjack Strategy

There are a couple of well known blackjack strategies for playing online blackjack however most of them rely on this nonsense idea of ‘the doctrine of the maturity of the chances’. This is of course the ridiculous idea that each bet is not separate from the last and that if you lost the last hand that makes you more likely to win the next one. This fallacy is of course readily projected by most casinos and of course is something you should be aware of whether playing land based or online blackjack.

The 1st blackjack strategy

This strategy is an example of one of those which follows the logic of the maturity of chances, it isn’t very hard to explain why this is not a good way to bet. The strategy is to double your next bet every time you lose and that way you will win back the money you lost on the last hand and with a little extra, of course if you don’t win you’ve just lost more money in online blackjack, thus this is not the best way to go about playing.

The dealers online blackjack strategy

Most blackjack dealers are told to stick when they have anything higher than 16 and hit on 16 or lower; this of course gives the best odds of them having a winning hand. If you are to follow any strategy to win more, this is the best one to emulate, there is clearly a reason that the casinos implement this strategy. Although the house does still have an edge this is a very uncomplicated way to keep it fairly low.

The never go bust online blackjack strategy

This is an absolutely awful strategy, it relies on the dealer making a mistake, so of course this isn’t a good way to play, the idea is that you shouldn’t hit on a hand of 12 or more, so that like the title suggests you can never go bust, this of course is not going to win for you. And actually results in increasing the house edge in online blackjack to around 5.5%.


Certain rules will improve the players edge such as the “Charlie” rule, this being the rule where you win the hand if you have 5 cards and don’t go bust, it’s also known as a 5 card trick, this raises the odds the players way by 2.27%, but there are a good 30 other variable rules which effect the house edge up and down, the Charlie is simply the most in favor of the player. A good strategy is to play somewhere with a low house edge.