November 2009 Winner review

Excitement and thrills swirled through the air, as among elegance and luxury one very lucky, ReefClub casino UK guest, was obviously so happy and relaxed that luck decided to stick to him. It stayed by his side and refused to budge for three whole days! Our thrilled ReefClub casino UK guest won £90,000 in three consecutive days playing a classic - Roulette!

Having joined ReefClub Casino in November in order to escape, relax and enjoy the luxury offered 24hours a day; our lucky UK Guest spent his days playing, and his nights enjoying cocktails and the fresh sea breeze.

Roulette is an easy old favorite, All you have to do is sit yourself down with a great drink and listen to the ball go ‘bump’ on the spinning wheel.

Why don’t you grab a drink, sit back, soak in the atmosphere and call lady luck to your side – because where she goes nobody knows… but imagine what you could do if she stood by you.